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SciCoMed is a company located in Vienna (Austria) that was founded in August 2007 by Dr. Harald Zeisler.

The Internet-based dynamic cooperation of different research groups through efficient usage of shareable sample collections of human substances and the related personal data represents the future of science.

The purpose of SciCoMed is to offer an Internet plattform for a unique network that enforces knowledge pooling and know-how transfer and additionally creates international community. The database offers the use of standardized documentation and ensures high-quality data. Every individual research-group has the possibility to find adequate cooperation with others and share relevant data. However, the independence of every single group ist guaranteed by the SciCoMed database concept.

In addition, a profile module is now available. On the one hand you can describe your personal expertise in the field of research interest; on the other hand you can give information about clincal data and materials of your Biobank. This profile module makes the simple search for suitable cooperation partners possible.